Silver Gelatin 2002 Edition of 30 7 x 7

Silver Gelatin

Each toned silver gelatin photograph is printed individually and archived in small limited editions. Each final image is as much a result of the extensive time Kevin Saunders spends in the darkroom, as of the negative he has taken. In the darkroom, exposing his selected photographic fiber paper to the negative photographic image, he uses various techniques to control the time and degree of light, so as to enhance the natural drama of the scene and the depth of tonal range.

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Sepia Silver Gelatin Edition of 15 10×10

Other Mediums

While his interest in early techniques have involved Kevin in photographic processes, such as platinum palladium prints, he is also keeping pace with the digital age, scanning negatives prior to producing archival quality prints. With manipulation of his original photographs, Kevin produces images similar to Image Transfers, Infra Red and Platinum Palladium prints, or more familiar Black & White and Color images.

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Openings 2005 Edition 15 10 x 10


The use of archival Epson inks on watercolor papers, for example, give his color work a muted but vibrant appeal. This is an ever expanding medium. 

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Artist Statement

“Whether referring to my gelatin silver prints or my color pigment prints, my photographs convey my deep interest in landscape, whether natural or architectural. In my broad concept of “landscape” and in my search for beauty, I find intriguing visual aspects in the natural order and forms interpretations, sometimes quirky, of its mystery, patterns, juxtaposition, form, shadow and light. My sensibilities result in assimilating the traditions of the past, with an ‘eye’ for the contemporary, expressing continuity spanning time and place in many beautiful and interesting ways, creating a personal vision of the world of today often through the rich filter of the past.

I use elements of landscape and architecture to create images that, paradoxically, are both concrete and abstract. My images have an emotional directness that place them firmly in the now, while their formal structure and technique mark them as part of a timeless tradition. My visual poetry allows each viewer to make intensely personal associations. My work is not about mere ‘description,’ it is about ‘sensation’ and discovery. The actual locale is, in the end, unimportant, because I focus in on some element, some detail to which everyone can respond regardless of time, place, and experience. This imparts a sense of humanity, even though people, per se, rarely appear in the photographs.

The common becomes uncommon, and the moment in time is uniquely captured, as a result of being, with some element of serendipity, in the right place at the right time with my selected camera, lense and film, and finally through my processing and printing of the image. These images are full of contemplation, often quietness and minimalism, and always beauty.

The word “Photography” comes from two Greek words meaning “Writing with light”. In the case of my gelatin silver images, this dovetails with my “playing with light”, when taking the image and when processing it. I enhance the natural drama of the scene and the depth of tonal range to arrive at my goal for my prints of quietness and beauty. All gelatin silver prints or color pigment prints are archivally printed, limited editions, signed and dated accordingly. My selected mat and frame are specifically chosen to enhance the qualities of the image.”

Kevin Saunders, 2007

Silver Gelatin 2003 Edition of 30 7 x 7

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Images are available either direct from Kevin Saunders or at any of the listed galleries which represent him. If interested in purchasing, please make contact for the current catalog of images and pricing.